Rita Gousova

About Rita

Rita Gousova is a top-class chef trained in technology and organization of public catering. She has extensive experience managing restaurants and cafeterias, also mentoring young kids in their dreams of becoming chefs. Rita also worked as a private chef for a family for over 7 years.


"I've never tasted more delicious cake until Rita served us Russian Honey Cake.
It was creamy, delicate and very impressive. My family loved it!"

- Teresa Clark


"Rita catered my Mom's 80th birthday party,
where we had mix of Russian, European and American food.
Each was well prepared, nicely presented and all were delectable!"

- Diane and Brian McInerney


Our St.Patrick's dinner was a wonderful success.
The meal was cooked to perfection!

- Marta Diggins


First, I invite Rita and then I call my friends because the evening conversation is going to be about Rita's amazing creations. She is a real artist chef.

- Shmuel Tatz